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School improvement guidance

Consulting on the draft school improvement guidance, which aims to:
  • strengthen the effectiveness of self-evaluation and improvement planning by schools
  • replace the national categorisation system with a similar support process that does not require the publication of school categories
  • strengthen and provide clarity about the separation between evaluation / improvement activities and the accountability system
  • clearly assign the roles and responsibilities of different bodies in a self-improving system.

Consultation ends: 15 March 2021

Click here for the consultation

School categories according to Welsh-medium provision

Consulting on a non-statutory guidance document, the purpose of which is to:
  • set out new arrangements for categorising schools according to the amount of Welsh-medium provision in the school
  • provide a clear and consistent national framework for categorising schools according to the amount of Welsh-medium provision
  • support local authorities and schools to communicate the types of schools and Welsh-medium provision available to parents/carer

Consultation ends: 26 March 2021

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Qualified for the future: the right choice for Wales – have your say

The curriculum in Wales is changing – and we want your help to decide what this will mean for qualifications. Our job is to make sure that qualifications in Wales are the best they can be for all learners, and that there is public confidence in qualifications and the Welsh qualification system.

From now until 9 April, we are consulting on:
– the GCSE subjects that should be available in the future;
– the other made-for-Wales qualifications that should also be available.

The consultation contains many proposals covering all the broad areas of learning, some suggesting smaller changes to qualifications while others are larger in scale.

The proposals include new GCSEs in Social Studies and Engineering; new consolidated GCSEs in the areas of Maths, Welsh, English and Science; as well as bitesize qualifications that target practical skills in mathematics and languages.

Your views as Governors are important to us. Your feedback will help us to determine if our proposals are along the right lines, or if we should amend them. Once we’ve decided on the range of qualifications we will publish a report to summarise responses and explain our decisions.

For more information and to access the consultation documents please click here

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