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Vice Chair
Mike Fowler

Keith Plow

Nicola Wellington

MASG is an independent, democratic organisation for all governing bodies in Monmouthshire. It provides a forum for expressing collective views about common concerns and makes appropriate representation at local, regional and national level, where appropriate.

Why is MASG so important to schools and governing bodies?
MASG provides governors with a collective voice, encourages co-operation and sharing of good practice between schools and governing bodies, promotes the efficient and effective governance of schools and assists governing bodies to further the interests and education of children in Monmouthshire. MASG aims to:
  • be an independent forum for school governors in Monmouthshire and to make collective governing body views known to the appropriate bodies;
  • provide regular information to school governors and governing bodies on the work of MASG and encourage school governors and governing bodies to bring matters of common concern before the Association for discussion;
  • act as the means of communication on relevant matters and encourage co-operation between various bodies including the Local Authority, Education Achievement Service and Welsh Government;
  • encourage, in co-operation with the Local Authority and other organisations, the provision of information, research and advice on relevant matters;
  • actively promote comprehensive, quality training for all governors in co-operation with outside agencies.

How can my governing body be involved?
Governing Bodies are invited each year, at their Annual General Meeting, to subscribe to MASG and to appoint a representative (and reserve) to attend meetings as a voting member. It is the responsibility of the appointed MASG representative to forward any issues raised by the governing body to the clerk to the Association.

Who do governors contact to attend
Nicola Wellington
Clerk to the Monmouthshire Association of School Governors,
Monmouthshire County Council
CYP Support Services
PO Box 106
Caldicot NP26 9AN

Contact Us

01443 844532 [email protected]
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