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Targeted and high impact

How Achievement for All’s new short, focused improvement programmes can support you during these challenging times.

  • How can we re-engage positively with our most needy, troubled, and vulnerable children and young people and their families?
  • How can we overcome additional traumatisation caused by lockdown, and explicitly build resilience across the entire learning community so that future disruption is minimised?
  • How can we put wellbeing at the heart of leadership?

Since the start of lockdown in March this year, the team at Achievement for All have been working hard and preparing, a team that includes Coaches still connected to school communities as trustees and governors, living every moment with their respective Headteachers and school communities.

Over the past decade, over four thousand education settings across the country have engaged with Achievement for All’s classic improvement programmes with significant success. We are now offering shorter, highly focused, targeted packages of support that drive at the very heart of the key issues facing leaders today in response to the Covid-19 crisis. A greater focus on wellbeing for staff and pupils sits at the heart of these new programmes.

Step-Up Reviews

We now offer a range of 4-6 week targeted reviews to help settings from Early Years through to Post 16 to kick start enhanced practice and rapid improvement on specific areas of need, again with the support of our evidence-based materials and specialist Achievement Coaches. Visit our website to learn more. Download an information leaflet here.

Covid Leadership Support Packages

We have developed a suite of tightly focussed school improvement packages, delivered over a twelve-month calendar year, and supported by one of our highly experienced Achievement Coaches, using discrete elements from our Achieving Schools and Achieving Early classic programmes. Visit our website to learn more. Download an information leaflet here.

Emotion Coaching

In recent years, a huge stride forward has been made in terms of understanding the life-course impact of childhood trauma, of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and of disadvantage and neglect.

The next step is to turn understanding into informed and effective front-line practice.

Emotion Coaching is an attachment-based tool that helps young people to self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing emotional self-awareness and nurturing relationships in teams around them. If, because of emotion coaching, young people become more responsive to help, support and guidance through better emotional self-regulation, the impact will be measurable beyond the programme: in this regard, emotion coaching can be perceived by service leaders as a gateway intervention, especially given the way Covid-19 lockdown has retraumatised many children and young people.

Our coaches, trained by the founders of Emotion Coaching UK using an evidence-based model of theory and practice, work with schools and settings to embed a whole-setting approach to the principles of Emotion Coaching. Emotion Coaching UK supports our approach and much of the material used has been used with their kind permission. Download an information leaflet here.

Deep Leadership – specifically designed to support you

This programme takes lessons from leadership in dangerous and hostile conditions and applies them to the stark realities that leaders are facing today due to the COVID-19 crisis. There are invaluable, profound lessons to be learned that will help you through the storm, drawn not only from leadership in extreme circumstances but also from the latest research in neuroscience, trauma-informed practice, therapeutic approaches and emotion coaching.

This programme is exclusively dedicated to the wellbeing of leaders and managers, and will not only equip them better to deal with the stress and turbulence of current operating environments: they will be armed with new thinking to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of their teams and wider staffing body. Download a full description of our new programme here.


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