Cardiff University - Life Sciences Challenge 2020

Pre-16 opportunity: All Wales bi-lingual inter-school competition for year 10 pupils

Would your school like to take part in Cardiff University’s Life Sciences Challenge annual science competition for year 10 pupils?

Schools must enter teams of 4 pupils for the online preliminary round, which can be completed online in schools between 3rd and 14th February.

The top 8 scoring teams in the medium of English, and the top 8 scoring teams in the medium of Welsh will then go through to the quarter final rounds, where they will compete in head-to-head knockout formats.

Cardiff University students will run the quarter and semi-final rounds in schools, and the final will be held at the School of Medicine, Cardiff University.


If you would like more information and wish to participate please contact [email protected]

For more information on Science in Health activities please visit


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