Independent Welsh Pay Review Body: first report 2019

The first report regarding teacher’s pay in Wales has been published. The recommendations are listed below:

  1. We recommend that the statutory minimum of the MPR be increased by 5% and that the statutory maximum of the MPR be increased by 2.4%.
  2. We recommend that the statutory minimum and the statutory maximum of all other pay ranges (UPR, LGPR and unqualified teachers), and all allowances, be increased by 2.4%.
  3. We recommend that the current discretionary point 6a be removed, with those currently on 6a moving to the new statutory maximum of the MPR.
  4. We recommend that discretionary scale points M2-M5 on the MPR:
    - be increased to remove the detrimental effect of the 1% differential relative to points M1 and M6 that was introduced through the implementation of the 2017 pay award; and
    - be increased by a further 2.4%.
  5. We recommend that the discretionary scale points on all other pay ranges (UPR, LGPR and unqualified teachers) be increased by 2.4%.
  6. We recommend that revised pay scales incorporating recommendations R1-R5 (shown as Appendix B) be implemented by all local authorities and local authority maintained schools in Wales.
  7. We recommend that the pay scales at Appendix B should become statutory and published in the STPCD for Wales. Ideally this recommendation should be implemented for 2019 but, if not, there should be a commitment to do this for 2020 onwards.
  8. We recommend a fundamental review of teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions of service in Wales to support the education reform agenda.

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