School uniforms to become more affordable

The new Welsh Government guidance comes into force from 1 September 2019 and provides advice for governing bodies and head teachers on issues relating to school uniform policy. The previous 2011 guidance was non-statutory and, as such, schools were not legally required to have regard to it.

Governing bodies will be expected to consider ways of keeping down the costs of uniforms. These could include stipulating basic items and colours but not styles, meaning items could be bought from more than one outlet. Schools will be expected to consider whether school logos are strictly necessary and if they should apply to just one item of uniform or provided free of charge.

A school’s uniform policy would also be expected to be gender-neutral. This means that when a list of clothing items would be published by the school, the items would not be assigned to a specific gender. For example, trousers would not described as a ‘boys item’.

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