Consultation - Curriculum for Wales 2022: guidance

It never ceases to amaze us how much education has evolved and developed over the years with new policy and initiatives emerging. It is interesting to look back over all the changes and recognise the hard work, commitment of school staff and governors to implement the changes at any time, to ensure the best outcomes for their children. This, above all, is what education is about. What would our educational forebearers think of the pioneering changes we face in Wales? No doubt their passion for striving for the best and for ensuring their students achieved well was as great then, as it is today.

Yes, change is exciting – the buzz encountered about the new curriculum and the enthusiasm from the head and staff were evident on a recent school visit. This is shared across Wales with many schools eagerly awaiting further updates and news about the curriculum. For some the roll out just can’t come soon enough. Others though, are equally right in asking for further clarity on assessment, progression and alignment and on how things will pan out in future years. Yes, whenever there is change, doubts will emerge, and but it is only with true collaboration, effective communication and dialogue, high quality training, sharing effective practice, good resources and that burning desire to face the challenges, opportunities and rewards together, that a successful curriculum implementation will emerge and the benefits will be reaped.

How do you get everyone on board to support educational change? How do you ensure that the key messages are shared effectively with everyone and we are all singing from the same page? Not easy challenges! A new era is emerging in Wales, it is not insurmountable. What choice was there other than to introduce a curriculum that was fit for purpose, innovative and creative, and which will support and develop our youngsters to be ready for the ever-increasing challenges of this world.

Governors across Wales are learning more and more about the curriculum. It is increasingly becoming the main thread of discussion and this is so crucial. The what ‘ifs’, the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ are slowly being answered. Yes, there is a long way to go and yes some answers are still awaited but we are getting there. Don’t miss out on learning more about what’s happening and have your say to help shape the curriculum – this is an amazing opportunity for us all and one that must not get lost with all our other priorities.



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