A School Governors Guide to the Law

This Welsh Government publication is a guide to the law to help you be an effective governor. It is intended to be used as a reference book for when you need advice.

All school governors should know and understand their roles and legal responsibilities and how these fit in with the responsibilities of the head teacher, the Local Authority and the Welsh Government. They should also know their responsibilities regarding other parties such as diocesan authorities and foundations, where applicable.

Please note that although this Guide is detailed, it does not replace the law which takes precedence.


Guide Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Governing Bodies. Their Powers, Duties and Relationships
  3. Governing Body Constitution
  4. Governing Body Procedures and Meetings
  5. The Annual Report and Annual Meeting with Parents
  6. Providing Information
  7. Support and Training for Governors
  8. Managing the Budget
  9. Equal Opportunities and School Governors
  10. Staffing
  11. The Curriculum
  12. Complaints and Whistleblowing
  13. Children with Additional Learning Needs
  14. Admissions
  15. Behaviour and Attendance
  16. School Uniform and Appearance Policies
  17. Charging for School Activities
  18. School Premises and Capital Investment
  19. Organisational Changes to the School
  20. New Schools and Temporary Governing Bodies
  21. Collaboration and Federation
  22. The School Year and Session Times
  23. Inspection
  24. Schools Causing Concern and Interim Executive Boards
  25. Health, Safety and Welfare
  26. Control and Community Use of School Premises
  27. Community Focused Schools


  1. Policies and other documents that governing bodies are required to have
  2. Useful Addresses
  3. Glossary
  4. Index

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